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Our Tyrant Became Young Spoiler

In this intriguing narrative, our youthful despot, Persilion, discovers a deep affection for Lippi. Nevertheless, his romantic feelings alone prove insufficient to deter him from venturing into the complexities of the adult realm, propelled by the formidable influence of Sikar.

As we uncover the startling transformation of our Tyrant into a burgeoning provocateur, it becomes imperative to outline the steps required to brace ourselves for the impending showdown. Taking on a sense of duty, we must meticulously equip ourselves for the inevitable return of the Tyrant.

The Story of Lippy and Persilion 

The epic saga of Persilion, a scion of the imperial lineage often dubbed “that child,” unfolds within the annals of our story. As the youngest of three brothers who ascended to the throne, he faced an uncertain destiny as a child, but the unwavering love and protection of his mother, Belia, saved him from adversity.

In the culmination of this captivating tale, Persilion’s journey into young adulthood reveals his latent magical talents, which are an intrinsic facet of his extraordinary abilities. Harnessing his newfound powers, he embarks on a mission to aid his mother in healing the wounded Princess Sheril, who was injured in a fierce battle.

Lippi, another pivotal character, weaves her narrative parallel to the main storyline. From her humble beginnings as a youthful and endearing girl, she eventually evolves into a revered prophet, deeply influenced by a novel from her past. Her popularity surges, and she earns her livelihood by reciting the captivating contents of this book.

Tragically, a fatal accident claims Lippi’s life, but her spirit embarks on a transcendent journey to an otherworldly realm. In a realm akin to an unstable, dybbuk-like dimension, her existence unfolds far from the empire. Ultimately, she discovers her way back to the emperor’s realm, rekindling his dormant divine powers.

Lippi and Persilion’s intertwined stories parallel the central narrative, each with its unique tapestry. Though their paths may not directly intersect, the possibility arises that Lippi and a mysterious figure known as Ardal, who lived a century ago, might be the same. This enigma could point to a lineage link with Elaine von Sped, the emperor’s father, or hint at a yet-to-be-fulfilled prophecy.

Apart from the central storyline, we delve into Lippi’s unique perspective as a deity. Cursed for millennia in an alien realm, she endeavors to adapt to her new life alongside Persilion. Nevertheless, her efforts to break free from the curse prove fruitless, and she remains eternally youthful despite her connection to the imperial bloodline. This, however, doesn’t preclude the possibility of her one day inheriting her father’s mantle as the emperor.

Persilion’s Love for Lippi Turned Adult Through Sikar’s Power

“The Dragons’ Teeth” unfolds two intertwined narratives – that of Lippi and Persilion – parallel to the main storyline. Born of the imperial bloodline, a shared curse traps their powers, yet their paths diverge significantly.

Lippi, an ordinary girl turned prophet, seeks to break the curse after a near-fatal accident. She enlists the aid of the enigmatic Sikar and uses her newfound power to revive Ardal, who once grew from child to adult. In his absence, the empire descends into corruption, with Prince Perry now recognized as emperor.

Prince Perry’s return to adulthood, influenced by Lippi’s divinity, sparks a complex family dynamic, leading to discord between father and son. Meanwhile, Persilion, the son of a tyrant and relative to Princess Sheril, discovers his magical abilities and love for Lippi. This culminates in his pursuit of the throne.

Difke, the emperor’s daughter, grapples with guilt and has embraced witchcraft since her parents’ passing. Her mother, Archduke Diphke von Dideus, wields power as the Master of the Mage Tower.

While Lippi’s and Persilion’s stories run parallel to the main plot, they offer a captivating dimension to the series, delving into the interplay of power, fate, and the enigmatic nature of the universe.

Military School for A Tyrant

A military school serves as a dedicated institution focused on moulding the character and skills of young individuals to become responsible, ethical citizens. These institutions prioritize a comprehensive education encompassing academics, moral and ethical development, and fostering sportsmanship. Unlike traditional boarding schools, military schools seek students who embrace structure and discipline.

At the core of their mission is a well-rounded curriculum that emphasizes rigorous academics, physical fitness, sportsmanship, and leadership training. Military schools excel in athletic programs, offering various activities, from golf to motocross. Some institutions also pride themselves on their ability to guide students toward college education or military service.

Tyrant’s journey through military school has been a transformative one, marked by increasing responsibility and the acquisition of essential wisdom for leadership within the armed forces. He now stands ready to confront his most formidable challenge – the defeat of Sikar, the Legion’s leader.

Military school offers a comprehensive education, delving into the intricacies of leadership, self-discipline, and other pertinent subjects. It also provides a platform to experience the rewards of teamwork and collaboration, fostering personal growth and enabling individuals to realize their full potential. This journey embodies the path to becoming the best version of oneself.

Tyrant’s Ability to Extract Techniques and Strategies 

Tatsumi possesses a remarkable array of abilities that set him apart as a formidable force to be reckoned with. His intelligence and proficiency in weapon engineering have led him to create a diverse range of original implements, a testament to his technical prowess. Despite his lack of humility, he fearlessly harnesses his powers when faced with adversaries, demonstrating exceptional strength by effortlessly shattering boulders and staggering formidable foes like the Shikoutazer. His physical resilience is awe-inspiring, allowing him to withstand high-pressure extreme temperatures and even breathe underwater.

One of Tatsumi’s standout capabilities is his mastery of the Celestial Tyrant Forces, a temporary power amplification stage that grants him abilities akin to the Tyrannical Dragon. His physical transformation equips him to thrive in environments that surpass human limitations, even showcasing remarkable swimming skills despite his enlarged stature.

Tatsumi’s regenerative healing factor enables him to recover acceleratedly, surpassing human standards. An intriguing facet of his skill set is his adept manipulation of breath power, which caught the attention of his classmate Esdeath.

Additionally, Tatsumi possesses a unique ability to conceal his giant eye with a human-green look, marked by a distinctive cross-shaped pattern that penetrates solid objects. This innovation allows him to remotely survey his surroundings, keeping a pioneering development in the field.

Among his lesser-known capabilities, Tatsumi’s power to teleport to distant locations is a remarkable feat, albeit with some minor drawbacks, such as energy depletion. The precise mechanics of this superpower remain unclear, but it stands as an impressive testament to his versatility and potential.

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